Why Cyprus?



Aphrodite’s island – Cyprus, is considered to be one of the safest places to live. Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates worldwide and is among the top 3 safest countries in Europe. Our beautiful island has an excellent reputation for being a friendly place and the Police Force is always ready to provide any assistance to the people in need. This makes Cyprus the perfect place to relax and be stress-free!



The Cypriot way of life is very Mediterranean and the weather is just as amazing. With more than 320 days of sunshine per year, the reliable climate ensures that plans are rarely compromised. The weather in Cyprus is outfitted in mild and short winters while summers are always sunny allowing you to truly enjoy everything the island has to offer!


Luxurious Life

The combination of a high-quality lifestyle and the unique beauty of the island puts Cyprus in an exceptional position. Cyprus gives you the time and freedom to enjoy life at a slower pace within a truly welcoming environment. Small enough to ensure that a new experience is always close by, but large enough to provide attractions for all ages and lifestyles. Cyprus truly offers every pleasure under the sun.


Business Ready

Cyprus Real Estate is booming, making the island an investment magnet. With a perfect geographical location situated at the crossroad of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cyprus has the ultimate placement on the map. Accommodated by excellent banking facilities and worldwide networks, Cyprus is ready to welcome any type of business.



As the jewel of the Mediterranean, Cyprus has always been an attractive island to foreign home-buyers due to its plethora of business and lifestyle advantages. Over the past few years, the Cyprus Real Estate market has seen significant growth in investments, businesses, and innovation.



The open economy of Cyprus is known for its resilience. The island has a healthy and robust economy, relying mostly on the services sector.

While tourism remains one of the most significant pillars of the Cyprus economy, other services like fin-tech, financial services, and of course the Cyprus real estate market have now taken a lead in the economic development with plentiful apartments for rent and for sale all over the island. Additionally, Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax in Europe at 12.5% and has treaties with 40 countries for double taxation avoidance.


European Union

Having entered the EU in 2004, Cyprus has transformed into a key frontier in the Eastern Mediterranean. The island can provide the perfect getaway for businesses that aim to penetrate new markets making Cyprus the ultimate heaven for modern businesses. The island is an ideal gateway to the EU, as well as a portal towards exclusive European Union Investment Opportunities.

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