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5 Tips You Should Know When Selling Your House In Cyprus

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Home, a necessity for every human on this planet. Selling your house in Cyprus nowadays might not be an easy task for everyone.

Even though a house is a necessity, the purpose of a house in today’s world changed drastically.

With advancements in all the different fields revolving around real estate, the purpose of a house has now become multidisciplinary. Instead of only being just a roof over your head, now is also a preference, an opinion, an investment, a future family home, a fashion statement, and even a showcase of one’s status.

With that in mind, owners nowadays looking to sell have lots of different variables to consider when selling a house. And if not cautious of how you present your property and how you handle your potential buyers, you might get kicked out of the game immediately.

When you’re looking to sell your house, there are certain things that you should keep in mind to attract potential buyers and maximize your chances of getting the deal you’re looking for.

The following tips will not only help you attract more buyers, but they will also help you upsell your house.

1 – What Is The Market Like?

A very important thing to keep a track of, are the similar properties near you that are also listed for sale.

Currently, with so many online marketplaces that you can search for so many different types of properties, the internet became the ultimate tool to obtain the knowledge you need about the market.

Regularly check out which properties are listed for sale in your area. Three things you should keep an eye out when checking a listing are:

  • The price of the property
  • How long has it been up for sale
  • How many views the property has(if visible)

You need to recognize where the market stands, and how buyers react to certain properties with certain prices.

Try and pinpoint key factors of what makes a listing in your area sell fast. These factors could vary from simply good photos of the property to the actual price of the property.

Making the right price choice will make selling your house in Cyprus a lot easier.

2 – NEVER Overprice and NEVER Oversell!

After your thorough research, you will conclude how the market responds to key factors such as price.

You will soon come to realize that the properties that stay forever as listings and no one ever goes through with them are one of the two following scenarios.

Scenario 1:
The owner of the property has listed the property way above market price. This is considered to be one of the most common mistakes in the real estate industry. Overpricing your property will not only stop you from attracting potential buyers but will also make your property’s actual price depreciate over time and lose its value.

Scenario 2:
Overselling your property through your description and/or photos and making it the “best” place that has anyone ever seen. This can have two possible outcomes. One, the potential buyer will understand that something is being exaggerated and will not follow through to contact you. Two, the potential buyer follows through and arranges a viewing and when the photos and/or description does not meet the expectations, will never contact you again.

Make sure to be fair when judging your property. Through research, price your property rationally and make your property’s strong points simply stand out.

Never try to overprice your property and never make it dream-like.

3 – Title Deeds, Title Deeds, Title Deeds.

No one wants a property that will make them struggle.

Ideally, everyone wants a clean property and has no pending loans to be settled and no debts with any governmental or financial bodies. This is very vital for today’s buyers. They wouldn’t want to come out of their way for a property that will give them more issues than peace of mind.

Try and handle all of your pending payments before you list your property. If for whatever reason you cannot handle all of the pending payments then you can do the following:

  • Lower the price of your property
  • Be honest in your description that there are pending payments
  • Once you find a buyer reach a mutual agreement regarding the price vs pending payments

In these cases, it is often suggested that you have an expert guide you through how to plan to sell your property even with the pending payments.

Selling your house with debt can be way more challenging, in comparison with no debt and actual title deeds. Among other cases as well, this will be a good time to seek out a professional real estate agent who has dealt with such cases multiple times.

A professional real estate agent will know which buttons they have to push to attract the right buyers for your house.

4 – Selling? Now Is The Time To Renovate!

Would YOU buy a house that looks like it needs a complete restructure to move in? No. No one would.

Spending a few grants on the property you are planning to sell will not only increase its value, but it will also attract way more potential buyers. Now, don’t renovate the whole house and make it a brand new one and end up overspending. Spend within the rationally acceptable limits.

Let’s put it this way.

Spend enough to make your property presentable and ready for a family to settle in immediately.

Furthermore, if you have some money to spare, then make the key factors of your property stand out by giving refreshing touches. You can always make simple innovative changes that will capture the attention of potential buyers with a little bit of extra effort and money.

5 – Someone That Will Save You Time and Earn You Money.

You need to find the most reliable real estate agent you can get your hands on. This will mean that you can and you should try out a few.

As the client, and in this case that you will be selling your house, you will be the one initiating the dialogue — but make sure you pay close attention to the agent and how he/she listens and asks you questions.

The easiest and most valuable way is to review a real estate agent is how they’re marketing other properties. Look at their listing materials, website, brochures, and company they work for.

What values do they have and what does their company represent?

Look for passion, transparency, and honesty.

You want your agent to tell you what will help your home to sell faster and for the best price, while having your best interest in heart and not just their commission.

In addition, be honest and transparent about what you’re looking for, and if an agent isn’t bringing you the right options, it’s likely they aren’t looking for sellers that for you but rather sellers to benefit themselves.

A real broker has values and their client’s needs are at the core of them. A broker is not just selling your house. A real broker creates real bonds with their clients.

Find the real estate agent that brings chemistry in between you and your potential buyers!

In Conclusion

It can be hard to find the right buyer for your property, and even harder to make vital decisions on your own on how and when to sell your beloved home.

You need someone that will help not only sell your house but someone that will guide you through every single step of the way and make the journey of you selling your house in Cyprus a pleasurable one.

Here at Century 21, our agents value nothing more than human communication. Our agents offer you the best options available whether you are selling or buying a property.

We praise ourselves to have the real estate agents with the best support possible. We will never compromise for less.

Our guarantee as Century 21 is that we give you exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s talk and let us sell your property in no time!