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Cyprus Real Estate – How To Convert A Luxury Estate Into A Business Opportunity

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Turning a residential property into a commercial is advantageous for anyone looking to establish a business. Turning a luxury estate into a major profitable business opportunity, however, requires an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative mind, and – in a true CENTURY 21 fashion – a relentless attitude.

Among several properties CENTURY 21 has to offer, one stands out! CENTURY 21 Cyprus alongside Property & Lifestyle Executive, Victoria Darie, present you with a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to call a mountain top, your very own. This business proposition entails a magnificent mansion at Kato Platres, Limassol.

The enormous estate is situated at the most beloved village in Cyprus; Platres. The extremely spacious villa is waiting for its new owner to resume construction and create the ultimate business opportunity.

The Opportunity

Represented by CENTURY 21’s Victoria Darie, this estate is one in a million. Stretched over 25,000 m² of preserved forest, the property is nestled in the most beloved area of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The Mansion embraces 2,500 m² all whilst possessing all the state-of-the-art facilities found in a modern-day development. 

The classic baroque-style mansion has the option of extending with an additional plot of 17,000 m² bordering the building. With 360 degrees of breathtaking views of the area, this magnificent mansion is perfectly positioned! The setting can only be characterized as magnificent.

The architecture as well as the design of the incredible property is immaculate as it is brilliant. Every balcony of the mansion enjoys views of the Platres forest. Since the property is under construction, as an entrepreneur you are free to enjoy the endless possibilities this fact entertains. With an in-ground pool and expansive garden, the opportunities seem to become even more!

How could this mansion work for a business?

The estate is in the heart of the most beloved village in Cyprus, Platres, where panoramic views, fresh mountain air, and nature take place!

Observe the changing of the seasons, looking at the endless skies! Take in the blossom of nature and don’t forget to watch the leaves change color.

A Boutique Hotel

Cyprus Real Estate CENTURY 21

Among several business opportunities in Cyprus, this villa has a great layout to easily be converted into a boutique hotel.

The floor plan is perfect for arranging warm welcome areas, rooms, and lounge areas on the top floor. All necessary amenities could be located on the bottom floor, making a welcoming and peaceful environment for guests. 

The expansive outdoor areas can be adjusted to serve as the most stunning and grand wedding locations ever seen. Even in the height of summer, the plot’s setting is ideal for outdoor seating.

Enjoy intense sea views on the horizon, and the everlasting green of the surrounding forest!

Luxury spa resort is your next business opportunity!

Cyprus Luxury Real Estate CENTURY 21

We find this villa in a peaceful location where you can enjoy the silence of the countryside. This mesmerizing mansion can be renovated into a luxury spa resort, ready to welcome guests from all over Cyprus and the world, thanks to its attractive entrance and high ceilings.

The interior, just like a work of art, can be adjusted to tell a story! The huge outdoor space can be used for activities or areas that would exert spa treatments.

Even with the wide covered areas, the internal floor plan area can be adjusted to fit boutique-sized living quarters for a short period of time.

Let’s get down to business!

Aphrodite’s island – Cyprus, is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. The combination of a high-quality lifestyle and the unique beauty of the island puts Cyprus in an exceptional position.

Cyprus gives you the time and the freedom to enjoy life at a slower pace within a truly welcoming environment. If you are investing in Cyprus, you should already know that the island has always been appealing to foreign investors thanks to its numerous economic and lifestyle benefits.

This is your chance to invest in your dream business with this stunning and spacious mansion in Kato Platres! Every aspect of this beautiful mansion has been carefully created to convey impressive elegance and richness. Resuming development offers you numerous potentials for future advancements.

The available estate for sale is being represented by the relentless Victoria Darie of CENTURY 21, who ensures the absolute most amazing real estate experience!

Contact us today or request more information directly from Victoria at +357 99 47 43 10 or find this opportunity on our website here.

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