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Properties in Limassol: The Exclusives

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Before you invest in one of the top properties in Limassol, let us give you some insights into what makes an exclusive property, well; exclusive!

In a sea of flashy properties and larger-than-life mansions, it can be challenging to distinguish the features that characterize a luxury property.

A high price tag alone won’t put a property in this category. Exclusive properties have to be unique, luxurious, and desirable. Such properties are top-notch and placed on the top of the market list.

With a high ROI, luxury and exclusive properties are the ideal investment.

But, what does the term “exclusive” really mean? Simply put, “exclusive” is a high-end property that goes above and beyond when satisfying your needs and wants.

With that being said, let’s get deeper into the details.

1. Supreme Quality – What Makes Your Property’s WOW Factor

When it comes to defining a luxury property, high-quality, long-lasting building materials, and elegant finishing touches are of great importance. Features such as modern flooring, modular kitchens, exotic bathrooms with world-class fittings are just some of the items that define the supreme quality of an exclusive property.

Such properties can double their price just because of their custom design work alone. In fact, the aesthetic is possibly the most critical aspect in making a property exclusive, and the deciding feature for many when buying one.

Another major factor is in their square footage. Exclusive villas and other luxurious properties are usually larger than normal buildings. Being high-quality means being big enough for each member of a family to have their own space.

The communal areas, too, are on a grander scale, with spacious kitchens, living rooms and game rooms to satisfy the taste of each person living there.

2. Premium Locations – What Makes Your Property’s Worth

When it comes to the top properties of Limassol, location is the key. You can find Many luxury properties tend to be in the same neighbourhoods. With a sizable distance between each other, privacy is successfully maintained between neighbours. Yet, they still have access to important services such as city centres, prestigious international schools, and other strategic points such as the financial or commercial areas of the city.

Having stored history around the area as well as access to luxury activities such as high-end shopping, dining, and art galleries, is an enormous plus. Many luxury buyers also seek the natural beauty of the waterfront or the views of the ocean. Others seek the view of the countryside or mountains and Limassol can offer both.

These exclusive opportunities are often located in quiet suburbs, within gated communities that usually have 24-hour security. You can find such exclusive neighbourhoods in areas of Limassol such as Mouttagiaka, Germasogeia Green Area as well as Limassol Marina.

Their carefully chosen location offers greater price stability when it’s time to enter the real estate market.

3. Distinct Features – What Makes a Propery Trully Luxurious

Besides their impressive interior, luxury properties usually come with certain added extras. You cannot find these features in traditional homes and this is in fact why exclusive properties are so unique.

Exclusive villas and apartments, give off an effortless comfort feeling and the functionality is outfitted with smart home technologies and eco-friendly features.

Not only that but, such properties offer extravagant additions like saunas, spas, and swimming pools. In other cases, these additions may include home cinemas, cellars, guesthouses and even fitness centres. This way, you can exercise at your own convenience and in your own home without having to make time in your schedule to attend a public complex.

The luxury apartments in Limassol are famous for their panoramic views reaching towards the horizon and sweeping across the entire city up to the mountains. With floor-to-ceiling windows that open out onto a terrace or balcony, your new luxury flat feels even more spacious.

Are Exclusive Properties For You?

Today, Limassol is one of the most desirable cities in Cyprus. It is a luxury to live within walking distance to the beach with instant access to Limassol’s business hub. On the other hand, Limassol is also just a few minutes away from the peace and quiet its mountains have to offer.

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