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Investing in Cyprus – Top 5 Properties in Limassol

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Cyprus has become an investment hotspot. Situated at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa, the island’s perfectly strategic geographical location, makes it your best option for investing in the Cyprus Real Estate scene and especially properties in Limassol. The island of Aphrodite has the ultimate placement on the map. 

But when it comes to investing, the thing is, where to invest? There are so many properties in Limassol and so many opportunities all around Cyprus! How do you choose? Well, as real estate experts we have a few suggestions; one of them would be to separate your opportunities into property types!

But, you won’t have to because CENTURY 21 has already done that for you! As an investor, whether you are an experienced one or just beginning, you already have various options to choose from.

Options like:

  • New Developments
  • Up-and-coming Areas
  • Commercial Properties 
  • Plots in upcoming Suburbs 
  • Renovate & Flip

In this article, we will discuss these types in-depth and help you better understand your options. Investing in residential properties in Limassol could be the way to go, or commercial properties may be more ideal for you, depending on what type of investment you are looking to make.  

The Cyprus Real Estate Industry has so many choices available that sometimes navigating can get complicated. Here at CENTURY 21, we support you and guide you along the way for anything you need so… let’s dive right in!

New Developments – Apartments, Houses, Villas

Cyprus has seen numerous new developments in the last few years and this number is expected to increase considerably in the future! The biggest advantage you could get as a real estate investor is that depending on the development’s construction stage, you get the freedom to customize the property’s areas – like the kitchen – according to your needs or vision. 

Another benefit you get from investing in new developments is that new builds will typically come fully furnished with all the needed goods; property investors can instantly start seeing returns on their investment. One of the best parts of a new build property investment is that you are able to move in your tenants on day one. 

New construction homes feel cleaner, often provide open floor plans, and can offer better natural sunlight. Plus, knowing that they are the first ones to move and live in, is more appealing and comforting to potential tenants.  

New developments, in an up-and-coming area, with high rental demand, can produce an excellent return on investment

Area Calibrated – Trending Now in Limassol

Limassol can definitely be characterized as Cyprus’ investment magnet, especially in the property sector, as there is no doubt that it’s the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in Cyprus. 

The city has the fastest growing property market and offers a very strong renting and selling power. Buying a property in Limassol gives you the biggest ROI rates than any other city in Cyprus and offers you the best chances of succeeding in the real estate investment game! 

Moreover, due to the city’s prime location on the coast, it is considered to be a thriving holiday property market that can be easily compared to large capital cities all over the world.

Find a plethora of properties in Limassol with a large number of opportunities to choose from. By just visiting the “Find a Home” section on our website you will find plenty of properties that match your vision of the ideal home.

There are more than 10,000 listings on our website, ranging from price to city areas and types. Our experienced property consultants can help you navigate and narrow down the options according to your needs.  

Commercial Property – Cyprus’ Business Hub

An investor, or an individual who wants to invest in real estate, should definitely seek opportunities with a steady value increase over the years, which will provide the ability to obtain massive returns. 

There is no doubt that the Real Estate market in Limassol is one of the most steadily and rapidly growing industries on the island. No, we are not talking about luxury high-rise apartments and fine estates of the city. We are talking about investing in office buildings or offices in Limassol!

Commercial real estate has a long history of being an attractive investment play during both up and down market cycles. Savvy investors understand the importance of having a diversified portfolio. A truly diverse portfolio will go beyond just investing in villas or apartments in Limassol; it will also include assets like office buildings!

No discussion about the value of the commercial real estate as an investment would be complete without mentioning the tax benefits of owning such properties in Limassol. Cyprus is known for having the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union. Also, the passive income that foreign investors accrue is tax-free. Not many assets provide this perk, and luckily Limassol has no shortage of offices. 

Plots in Upcoming Suburbs – Coming Up Next in Limassol

Some benefits of land ownership can change how you perceive land investments. Land can be called the ‘golden child’ of investing. Once you complete the buying process, you can rest assured; no one can steal it from you or destroy it. 

A piece of land remains in good condition and increases in value. Owning such an asset gives you financial security and offers you the opportunity to develop it even further by constructing residential buildings and offering apartments for rent or for sale!

Unlike other real estate assets, the land is affordable and requires minimal effort for maintenance. You don’t need to pay utility bills, mortgages, or roof repairs and replacements. 

Land investments aren’t meant only for pro-investors. 

Beginner investors can also buy a land parcel for a small amount. Besides, the land buying process became less time-consuming, reliable, and inexpensive. Land ownership gives you various earning options. You can either build a rental property on your land, grow vegetables, or fruits!

Old Town Limassol – Renovate & Flip

Buying a property to fix and flip can be a very lucrative undertaking, and like any other rewarding activity, solid preparation and information will help you make the right decisions. A clear advantage of buying property to renovate and resell is that some houses can be fixed and flipped very quickly!

As a real estate investor, you can scout the market to find your potential flip house considering various preselected attributes like location, sale price, and property type. You can seek out the best deals on the market knowing properties that require lots of rehab work are often priced well below their true potential market value. 

Such properties can be found in very few neighbourhoods and one of them is the Old Town, one of the most famous areas of Limassol! A successful flip on the right property can result in impressive profits, especially around that area. 

Invest The Right Way in Limassol Properties

Real Estate Investing in Cyprus is a wild ride and you have to be adventurous – to say the least – if you are going to do it alone! However, making the RIGHT choice and investing at the RIGHT time cannot be done without expert help. 

All this time and effort can be bypassed when you choose the RIGHT real estate agency in Limassol. Investing in real estate blindly is a stressful and draining process, and we would not recommend going into this kind of battlefield alone. Our Property Consultants are battlefield ready and the best trained Real Estate Agents in Cyprus. 

At CENTURY 21 we make sure that our Property Consultants are your right hand, your most trusted ally, and the ones who can always guide you through the path you choose to take in the Cyprus real estate market! 

You can find our offices in all major areas of Cyprus. Visit our offices and let’s invest!