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Limassol Properties For Rent – Things To Look For In A Rental Listing

Limassol Properties For Rent – Things To Look For In A Rental Listing banner

Renting a property is as exciting as it is amazing. Once you’ve spotted your ideal property becomes significantly easier to get carried away. 

The market moves fast but properties for rent are available everywhere if you look closely enough. Although, only the CENTURY 21 Property Consultants are willing to turn the tables upside down to meet your needs!

Going into property viewings armed with the right questions is essential. So, find out in the renting checklist below we have prepared for you!

What To Check While Viewing A Rental

Does everything work?

Available Limassol Properties For Rent CENTURY 21

The first thing you should check is whether everything is working properly. Check out the windows, lights, and switches to confirm they work.

If you’re visiting the rental property during the day and there’s plenty of sunlight, you most probably won’t think about turning on the lights. Though, you should try and remember to do so.

Of course, checking the lights is just a small part of what you need to look out for!

When viewing a property the very first thing you’ll notice is if it’s furnished or not as well as the condition. This also includes electrical appliances such as the oven and the fridge. During the viewing, process make sure you check the locks on the doors and windows. 

Feeling safe in your home is as important as the property itself. 

Where are you parking your car?

Who would ever enjoy driving around and wasting time looking for a parking spot? Nobody, especially if they are returning home after a long day.

If your house is in a suburban neighborhood, there are possibly lots of street parking accessible. However, if you plan to rent an apartment in Limassol center, parking is a crucial factor.

If your parking spot is not included in the rental, then you could discuss with the landlord for alternative parking opportunities.

Balance The Responsibilities

Limassol Properties For Rent CENTURY 21

When looking for properties to rent with CENTURY 21 it is important to know that all landlords that are being represented are thoroughly vetted by our team. The C21 Property Consultants provide you with an already established and strong communication line with the landlord. 

No need to worry if the landlord is supportive or if they will be handling repairs and maintenance. You can rest assured that your C21 Property Consultant will handle all your requests.

It is essential to build a good line of communication with the landlord to turn them into an ally who will support you during anything you may need.

Does it fit your needs?

Limassol Properties For Rent CENTURY 21

Before starting to view properties, it is essential to first identify your needs. You will need to sit with yourself and realistically decide your requirements, wants, needs and deal breakers. 

“Am I looking for an apartment, a maisonette, or a detached house? Do I need a garden? How big do I want the veranda to be? Does this property meet my needs?” All these questions should be answered by you. Deciding what is best for you, it’s something nobody else can assess but only you.

We know that there are numerous factors to consider before renting, and that is exactly why we are here. To guide you through.

Where is it located?

When it comes to location, things are a little different in Cyprus.

Location is – of course – a very important factor you need to consider when house hunting.  What’s great about our beautiful Mediterranean island, however, is that no matter the area you decide to live in, you have the luxury to be close to everywhere in minutes.

But, at the end of the day it all comes down to the lifestyle you want to have.

If you are looking for a more lively and energetic style of living then maybe a property near the Limassol city center would be perfect for you! On the other hand, If you’re after a more quiet lifestyle then you can find amazing houses in the suburbs of Limassol which are just a few minutes drive away from the vibrant city vibes.

So, what would you choose?

Have You Checked Everything?

Before you decide to rent a property, make sure you check whether the location is ideal for you. It’s never pleasing moving into a new place only to discover that there are little flaws in the area that you should chase your new landlord to address.

Make sure you get an experienced and professional Property Consultant that can support you all through all the viewings, questions, and requests you may have during this process. 

CENTURY 21 has a number of available properties for rent and you can book a viewing of the property of your interest with one of our excellent Property Consultants. As soon as you step into the C21 offices, we become your supporters, your guides, and your advisors.

You’re not just another client, and it’s not just about the deal. 

Visit us in Limassol or contact us directly. Tell us all about your dream home and we will make it happen!

CENTURY 21, because there’s no place like home!