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CENTURY 21 is a workplace where everyone can develop and grow, both personally and professionally, and this is one of the reasons that separates us from everyone else in the Limassol Real Estate scene. The CENTURY 21 career path is not stacked out in advance. Instead, we encourage our Property Consultants to choose new directions depending on their individual motivation and strengths!

We are a value-driven company with a great level of flexibility. If you share the same values as those of our company, then your opportunities are vast and if you are considering becoming a professional property consultant in the Limassol Real Estate industry now is the time!

Following a few interviews that had been conducted within the company, some of our Property Consultants have answered a series of questions that unravel their journey in CENTURY 21.

So, let’s dive into the story!

Marinos Michael – A Story About Personal Development.

Marinos Michael is a property consultant that has been with our company for 3 years.

Marinos came to us with a financial background, and in his own words, “being in an office for 10 hours per day” was not contributing to his overall professional development. His aim was to “develop a professional network, make valuable and interpersonal contacts and manage his own daily schedule”.

As every new property consultant that joins our team, we at CENTURY 21 have the responsibility to train and educate them about the industry. Using ground-breaking techniques, high-tech tools, and innovative training programs, we are able to equip each member of our team with the ultimate tools for success!

From his point of view, Marinos believes some of the most important skills anyone needs to enter the Limassol Real Estate industry, include the ability to master the art of presenting yourself.

Personal presentation is how you portray and present yourself to other people. It includes how you look, what you say, and what you do. What others see and hear from you will influence their opinion of you. Good personal branding is therefore about how you position yourself in the market, and in the eyes of your clients.

Limassol Real Estate Insights Marinos Michael Century 21

Marinos encourages new recruits and candidates to take the time and research. “Research is the most important thing you can do and the one thing that will set you apart. Going to a meeting, interview, or a viewing well-prepared, will give very little room for doubts. Doing your homework is vital, and it is something everyone can and should do.

Concluding his interview, he advises taking the time and bond with your client and get to know them better, understand what they need and how you can effectively assist them.

Always keep in mind that behind every client there is a very real human with very real needs.” – Marinos Michael.

Spiros Sotiriou – A Story About Fascination.

The story of our Property Consultant Spiros Sotiriou takes a different path; that of passion and curiosity.

Spiros has introduced himself into the Limassol Real Estate industry because he has always had a passion and interest in Real Estate.

I always enjoyed looking at incredible homes and seeing how different people have very different opinions and different tastes on the subject. The idea of finding the right home for the right person has always appealed to me as a challenge that I need to conquer.” – Spyros Sotiriou.

To become a part of the real estate industry, Spiros believes that it is important to know how to build interpersonal relationships. “You need to build a relationship of trust with a client in order for them to believe you are the right person to find what they are looking for.

Limassol Real Estate Insights Spiros Sotiriou Century 21

Another crucial skill you should develop, according to Spiros is, of course, communication. “You need to express yourself with clarity, as you often deal with people who are very inexperienced in buying a property. Likewise, part of communication is listening. You have to understand what the clients want, and really listen to what they need.” – Spyros Sotiriou.

Here at CENTURY 21, we encourage our property consultants to learn, grow and achieve the extraordinary. Making mistakes is unavoidable, but the goal is not to be perfect, the goal is to improve and develop the skills that will mold you into the professional you want to become. Our Property Consultant said it best:

Learn your trade. Work hard, take risks, make mistakes but keep learning”. – Spyros Sotiriou.

Looking for a Successful Career Path?

Here at CENTURY 21, we celebrate our clients and property consultants alike. We advocate for professional development and assist in the continuous educational process of both the junior and professional property consultants.

Being a property consultant is a social job. A career devoted to helping people to find a place to house their future, their dreams, their kids and their precious moments and memories. A property consultant is a mediator and the person who bridges the gap between the plan and the action.

Are you ready to join the team? Are you ready to set your own success story?

We are ready to have you as a precious member of our team! We are looking for people that are energetic, passionate and dedicated to success! At CENTURY 21 we always give 121% in whatever we do, and when you join our team we will dedicate our time and resources to make you the best of the best!

Join us now!