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Properties in Limassol – Must Do’s Before Listing Your House

Properties in Limassol – Must Do’s Before Listing Your House banner

Getting ready to sell your property in Limassol? 

Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work because placing a property in Limassol’s market for rent or for sale is not as simple as it sounds!

Selling or renting your home is a big deal. It usually signals a major life change and for most people, it’s something they do only a few times in their life.

Selling a home entails a whole lot more than just planting a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn or uploading a few random photos of your place. Especially if you’re angling for the best deal possible.

Before listing your home anywhere, first you need to evaluate this property sale checklist our CENTURY 21 professionals have created for you!

Properties in Limassol – Must Do’s Before Listing Your House

Get Rid Of Clutter

what to do before listing property for sale

Depersonalizing comes up frequently on home seller advice lists because it’s so important. 

This means not only making sure your space is clean, but also taking the time to remove the family photos and personal artifacts that make your house a home. It’ll feel strange, but it will make a tremendous difference.

It allows buyers an ability to visualize their future. All properties in Limassol have something unique to offer, but each buyer imagines things differently, so help them do so!

Getting started with decluttering can be challenging. Dive into one area, or even a section of one room, at a time. Books, toys, clothing, and duplicate household goods can all be donated.

Buyers frequently want a new way of life, not simply new walls and doors. They will not be fascinated if you show them a lifestyle that is cluttered and chaotic.

Pamper Your Property

elevate the image of your home before listing for sale

Whether you should make big repairs before selling, such as repairing a very old roof, is something you should discuss with your C21 Property Consultant and weigh the options against your budget.

However, you may get a head start on doing minor repairs around the property to ensure that everything is in working condition before buyers arrive. Even if you’re not doing a full-on repainting project, pay special attention to scrubbing and then touching up baseboards, walls, and doors to make the house sparkle and look cared-for.

Selling properties in Limassol can be tricky, but selling a home with lots of little problems and small repair needs can be downright difficult.

When buyers walk into an open house, or go on a viewing, they want to fall in love with the house, not add a bunch of small repairs to their to-do list.


Cyprus Properties things to do before listing your property for sale

This could be one of the most crucial steps in getting your property ready for listing.

If you’re staying in your home while it is on the market – as most sellers do – you’ll need to set a pattern of constant cleanings before buyers arrive for a viewing and once you’re done cleaning your house, clean some more.

Even if you’re not worried about what buyers will think of your home’s scent, you want your property to look spotless. Think of it this way: You’ll probably have professional photos taken of your house when it looks its best.

Naturally, you’ll want your house to always look like it does in those pictures.

Remember to take special care with the bathroom, making sure the tile, counters, shower, and floors shine. Clean the ceiling light fixtures, the walls and woodwork and never underestimate the importance of clean windows. 

When making a plan for cleaning, consider what other sections of the property haven’t been cleaned in a long time and start there.

Your property in Limassol, or anywhere else, must be in the best condition possible.

Choose Your C21 Property Consultant

Experience and professionalism truly make a difference when it comes to selling a property! 

Your Property Consultant should be someone you feel comfortable working with, whom you trust to sell your house and get you the ultimate deal!

When working with us you get highly trained Property Consultants who have passed examinations, and sell properties in Limassol day in and day out!

Their expertise is priceless and this benefits YOU even more!

List Your Property in Limassol With CENTURY 21

The checklist has been completed and it is time to list!

Remember that if you live in your house while it’s on the market, a smart idea is to plan a regular cleaning schedule before it’s shown to potential buyers. A home with sparkling floors appears welcoming in listing photographs, leading buyers to make a solid offer.

So, let’s plan your next move!

Your ultimate goal is to sell your house and at CENTURY 21 we make it happen! 

Get in touch with one of our Property Consultants and list your property in minutes!

List your property today and we’ll sell it tomorrow!