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Real Estate Cyprus – Debunking 5 Myths About Property Consultants

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What’s the most common thing you’ve heard about real estate agents in Cyprus? 

There are a lot of myths floating around the internet about being a property consultant. Yet the truth is, having a professional with the appropriate knowledge is essential for a successful deal in Real Estate.

It is time to debunk the top 5 myths around Property Consultants once and for all! Looking for your forever home or your most profitable investment shouldn’t be done alone!

Property Consultants: Myth VS Reality

Myth 1: All Agents Are The Same

Because of the market’s intense competition, buyers and sellers are picky about who they hire to help them to buy or sell their properties in Cyprus.

Many people believe that all real estate agents in Cyprus are the same. This, however, is one of the most common real estate myths.

Property Consultants differ in their approach, negotiation skills, resources, and skill sets. They have different personalities and life experiences.

Some of them like to work independently, driven by ambition to their goal. On the other hand, others are exceptionally honest and prefer teamwork. Connecting with you and creating genuine relationships is what motivates them.

Transparency is as important to us as it is to you and at CENTURY 21 this is exactly how we get things done.

Myth 2: New or Young Agents Don’t Have The Know-How

As with any profession, the abilities property consultants bring to the job and their ongoing training are what helps them succeed. However, this fact doesn’t mean that new property consultants don’t understand how to support you.

Giving our C21 Property Consultants access to coaches and mentors from all over the world immediately distinguishes them.

Whether experienced or new, the C21 professionals go through rigorous training many times a year to refine their knowledge and provide you with the best customer experience. This is how we are changing the Real Estate Cyprus market! 

Myth 3: Agents Will Say Anything To Make The Sale

The CENTURY 21 property consultants are defined by two words: honesty and integrity. 

Top-performing Property Consultants who are committed to their profession and business, ensure they always practice real estate with honesty. Good property consultants are reliable and genuinely interested in helping you to find your dream home.

Transparency at CENTURY 21 is crucial and our property consultants need to follow a strict code of ethics.

Myth 4: It’s All About The Money

The phrase “it’s all about the money” at CENTURY 21 is just ONE MORE MYTH!

It is not just about the sale or the deal for our CENTURY 21 professionals. Our team provides exceptional experiences for every client.

Building long-term professional connections can take a variety of talents and true commitment. At CENTURY 21 we engage with you in a meaningful way to identify and understand your needs, get in your shoes, and provide you with the best solutions.

Myth 5: Real Estate Agents Are Not Required

Everyone can search and find properties online. Yet, searching online and actually going through a dealing process are two very different things. 

So, do you need a Property Consultant? Of course, you do!

The CENTURY 21 professionals have studied the field, they know the market, they know the tips, the tricks, all the insights, and they have the experiences needed to yield you the best possible deal in the industry.

Real estate agents have market expertise, relevant legal information, and the necessary experience to help you make an effective and informed decision on the deal. Apart from all that, real estate professionals are experts when we talk about properties and real estate insights.

When we are talking about properties and real estate insights, Property Consultants are excellent professionals who not only guide you but they will also offer their wide network of connections to advertise your property!

The Internet cannot replace experience after all. Property consultants are well educated on the legal and financial parts of selling and buying properties in Limassol.

Choose Your C21 Relentless Property Consultant

What makes CENTURY 21 Property Consultants so unique?

First and foremost, they are honest. They are resourceful, responsive, and creative experts who never stop learning, evolving, and improving their services.

Our team consists of not only exceptional professionals but passionate people. Enthusiastic about their work, and even more excited to be working with you because not everything is about the deal. 

Working with a C21 Property Consultant means you are getting the best ally in the market!

Are you wondering how to reach us? Easy!

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