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Real Estate Cyprus – Limassol Is The Number One City In 2023

Real Estate Cyprus – Limassol Is The Number One City In 2023 banner

Today, Cyprus lures European vacationers and investors with its golden beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, rich culture, and – of course – the almost endless Real Estate and investment opportunities.

Amongst the many beautiful cities of the island, only one manages to consistently steal the show.

Limassol has been growing into the number-one city in Cyprus for a few years now. From super-yachts to multimillion-dollar real estate, the city is known as the Mediterranean gem to be in 2023. 

The Largest Seaside City in Cyprus

Areal Photo of Limassol Coastline

Limassol is the largest seaside city in Cyprus, as it stretches across 15 km along the shore. Outfitted with restaurants, bars, cafés, shops, and entertainment establishments, the main city has been continually thriving.

Being the home of the island’s main port, and bustling holiday resorts, Limassol is fairly considered by many a true megalopolis. From the city jewel – Limassol Marina – and the impressive archaeological monuments, to the culture and entertaining life of the city,  Limassol is nothing short of impressive! 

Known as the region of wine, celebrations, and ancient realms, Limassol comprises its main city – which sits between two important archaeological sites. The ancient city-kingdom of Amathus to the east, and the ancient city-kingdom of Kourion to the west.

With its viticultural pedigree and magical history, Limassol simply sparkles with opportunity from coast to hillside.

The Award-Winning Marina

Limassol Marina

Are you looking to enjoy a day out in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Limassol? Then you will definitely love a day at the Limassol Marina. 

Along with an impressive number of 40,000 square meters where stunning houses and commercial facilities are located, you will also find some of the most luxurious shops the city offers.

Considered by both locals and visitors as a great place to enjoy a stroll while taking pictures among the fabulous yachts docked in the area, the Marina allows you to truly experience luxury living. 

In addition to the stunning views of the swimming pools and gym spaces ultimately dedicated to your wellness needs, the artificial peninsula at the Limassol Marina beach is a peaceful, relaxing, and safe place suited for all ages. It is also considered to be one of the cleanest beaches along the city’s coastline.

As Nikiforos Pampakas, the marina’s marketing manager, said in his interview: “Our aim is to become the Monte Carlo of the eastern Mediterranean“.

One Of The Mediterranean Investing Hubs

Invest in Real Estate Limassol

Officials support that Cyprus has all the guarantees to become a regional hub for Investment Funds. As the President of CIFA, Andreas Yiasemides stated

The benefits of the growth and development of the Investment Funds sector are many–new investments are welcomed to the Cypriot economy; government revenues are increasing; new, well-paid jobs are being created; the traditional model of the professional services sector, and the economy in general, are being diversified”.

Investment Funds, however, are not the only asset to which entrepreneurs and business people entrust their money. Cyprus, particularly Limassol, has a growing demand for Real Estate investments offering a very strong renting and selling power.

Due to the permanent residence program by investment the island offers, the Cyprus Real Estate market has seen an enormous increase in the past few years. Some significant factors that have also contributed to this growth include, the high level of education and professional expertise of individuals.

Of course, high on the list are also included the financial and tax perks that help create a safe and stable environment for new and developing businesses. Lastly, Limassol holds a key role in the economy of Cyprus and is a major contributor to the island’s GDP.

New Projects In High Demand

New Real Estate Projects in Limassol

Many foreign investors are choosing Cyprus as their next real estate investment hub. 

While investments continue to come in, new projects in Cyprus are continually developing. High-rises, residential buildings with seafront views, and new luxury hotels are showing up all around the island. The sale of real estate for both commercial and residential properties is simply thriving. 

One of the most recently recorded trends is corporations relocating to Cyprus to take advantage of the favorable business and taxation environment. This not only benefits the economic side of the island but the Cyprus Real Estate market as the companies are investing in the development of new commercial buildings for their headquarters. 

Foreign investment hasn’t just been focused on the sale of properties already constructed, but also on properties being developed currently. Some of the new construction projects in Cyprus are fresh, state-of-the-art residential buildings, while others are marinas, golf resorts, or other commercial properties.

Your C21 Investment Opportunities

In recent Cyprus Real Estate reports, it has been revealed that while rent is comparatively high, buying properties in Cyprus is still quite affordable. In comparison to other destinations in Central and Southern Europe where acquiring a property is a lot more challenging.

Nonetheless, the “Jewel of the Mediterranean” remains an attractive destination for investors, retirees, and businesses while presenting unique opportunities to locals as well. 

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