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The Award-Winning Limassol Marina and its Lifestyle

The Award-Winning Limassol Marina and its Lifestyle banner

Wondering what’s the jewel of the most cosmopolitan city in Cyprus? The Limassol Marina.

A walk through the old port towards the Award-winning Marina reveals plenty of bars and restaurants. Along with an impressive number of 40,000 square meters where stunning houses and commercial facilities are located, the Limassol Marina is truly the city Jewel.

As the first superyacht marina on the island has been completed, Limassol has become a go-to haven that welcomes all guests. Since its opening, the Limassol Marina has been creating waves all over the eastern Mediterranean and it keeps attracting people of high society and high social status levels.

The Award-Winning Limassol Marina

Want to simply walk along with stunning yachts and beautiful architecture? Or are you planning for a luxurious spa day? Maybe you want to move to a prestigious area? The Limassol Marina is the place for you!

Visitors and residents alike can experience the luxury living of Limassol Marina’s spa and gym with an outdoor pool with flattering views. In addition to the stunning views of the swimming pool, the artificial peninsula at the Limassol Marina beach is a peaceful, relaxing, and safe place suited for all ages. It is also considered to be one of the cleanest beaches along the city’s coastline.

Now, in regards to living within the marina; residents have multiple luxurious and top-notch options. From apartments to villas, and from villas to townhouses.

Living on The Sea Lifestyle

When we talk about gorgeous apartments with stunning views one name comes to mind: “Castle Residences”. These apartments are gifted with magnificent panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Old port. If you are more of a “ground floor” luxury person then the “Island Villas” are definitely for you. The “Island Villas” are known for their innovative architectural style, spectacularly rich gardens, and breathtaking views.

Without a doubt, the Marina has set a whole new level of standards for the high-end real estate market, with its unique and prestigious residential properties. In an area with such high demand, it is no secret that only a select few will ever get to be living residents within the Limassol Marina.

Now in terms of being a guest at the Marina, you will never run out of options. The Limassol Marina has an extraordinarily wide range of dining options, placed right by the waterfront. Guests can now enjoy both national and international cuisines while pondering upon the luxurious superyachts floating on the Mediterranean sea.

Although you might not be hungry for food, you might be hungry for a classy shopping experience from designer boutiques and stylish shops. The Limassol Marina, has you covered.

Its Design, Culture, and Influence

The architectural style draws elements from the nearby Old Town of Limassol. It seamlessly combines a thousand-year-old past with a contemporary present. Featuring traditional pieces like the roof-top red tiles and the natural limestone to give the Marina’s its distinct hue. At the same time the overall image seeks to evoke a sense of minimalism and simplicity. These are just some of the elements that have earned it the Architecture, Property, & Interior Design Award.

The construction of the Limassol Marina has proved to be a successful milestone project for Cyprus. Apart from upgrading the image of the area, assisting local businesses, and boosting the overall local economy, Limassol has established itself as one of the most attractive and unique sanctums across Europe.

The Ultimate Location: Limassol

This Award-Winning Marina, would not have made it to the top with international fame, if it wasn’t for its location: Limassol.

Limassol is the ideal destination for people that want to relax, enjoy family time, have a long-term holiday, reconnect with nature, and even for those who are looking to expand their business. The Cyprus weather is ideal for many outdoor activities. With 340 days of sun and mild winters, the weather does not get any better than this.

Limassol is located just half an hour away from Troodos, where a more quiet and peaceful site takes place. Nothing in Cyprus is “too far away”, making it the perfect destination for anything you have in mind.

In the summertime, the Limassol nightlife takes a whole new meaning with the upbeat music, the non-stop dancing and the enthusiastic social atmosphere. In addition, during the summer the island’s life transforms. Every night is a night out for both locals and visitors. Limassol has a selection of stylish bars, pubs, chic lounges, and beach clubs across its whole coastline.

A Marina That Never Disappoints

Limassol Marina has been a pioneering venture which is being completed by visionaries who made the unimaginable, a beautiful reality. This is the only development in the whole of Cyprus offering the “living on the sea” lifestyle. Quite literally, everything the residents or berth-holders need is on their doorstep.

The heart of Limassol can now welcome people even more comfortably and luxuriously. People from around the world are now enjoying and experiencing the vibrant Marina. Therefore, if living on the sea is the lifestyle you crave, then Limassol Marina is the place to be.

Century 21 has multiple assets under its management in the luxurious Limassol Marina. A beautiful penthouse that will never lose its fame, villas that can never grow old and apartments that have an ever growing value.

If you’re looking for an exclusive lifestyle and a luxurious living, get in touch with us now, and we will point you to the right property!